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Online Health Care Degree

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 AIU Online

American InterContinental University Online offers following Health Care programs:

  1. Associate of Arts in Business Administration in Healthcare Administration, students learn to identify key ethical, theoretical, and practical issues related to medical records. They learn how to perform essential clerical and organizational tasks within a healthcare office. Discussion of ethical, legislative, and regulatory issues relative to the day-to-day operations of a medical or allied health office is also included in this up-to-date, real-world curriculum.

    students will be required to complete rich multimedia online business administration classes are Medical Terminology Medical Office Procedures Medical Records.
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  2. AIU Online's provides 3-month BBA in Healthcare Management. AIU Online education will combine a solid foundation in business with coursework that specializes in healthcare management. This program positions you to have an excellent career in the healthcare field with great earning potential.

    This program includes: The Healthcare Industry, The Ethical and Legal Aspects of Healthcare and Healthcare Management Decision Making, Economics in a Global Environment, Concepts in Organizational Behavior, Statistical Analysis Management, Accounting and Organizational Controls, Financial Management.
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  3. Master's in Business Administration in Healthcare Management is designed to provide a unique, market-relevant combination of a comprehensive business education with real-world, healthcare-focused deliverables. This program is designed to turn managers into executives: to arm them with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to reach high-level success.

    Some of the targeted courses are: Systems in Healthcare, Economics for the Global Manager, Global Financial Management, Business Research for Decision Making, Leadership and Ethics for Managers, Strategic Management, A Managerial Approach to Marketing, Health Policy (political factors, legislation, and media).

    MBA in Healthcare Management program prepares students for senior managerial positions in healthcare management. It combines the management and specialized training of an executive MBA program with specialized training in healthcare management.
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 Anthem College Online

Anthem College Online offers following Health Care programs.

  1. Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management gain knowledge of the business principles that fuel the growing health care industry. Plus, get the training required to advance to management-level positions within healthcare based organizations.
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 Ashford University Online

Ashford University Online offers Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management with a concentration in Health Care Administration. Students with a background and/or interest in Health Care Administration can transfer up to 12 credits of Health Care Administration coursework into their Health Care Administration concentration resulting in a dynamic degree comprised of complementing areas. Students with a concentration in Health Care Administration will possess a fundamental understanding of health care delivery systems and services, as well as the factors that impact the health care environment, and the appropriate research methods practiced. These students will combine their Health Care Administration education with organizational skill development in communications, group behavior, decision making, human resource management and ethics, culminating in a well-rounded degree. In addition, Ashford University's transfer policy will allow you to transfer in your Health Care Administration credits no matter when you took them.

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 Colorado Technical University Online

Colorado Technical University offers Bachelor's (BSBA) Degree in Health Care Management. The field of health care is expanding and adapting to respond to changes in the demographics and needs of its constituents. As health care evolves, effective management is becoming even more essential. Colorado Tech Online's Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with a concentration in Health Care Management helps students develop the business, management, financial, and even human resource skills needed to succeed in the industry.

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 DeVry University

DeVry University offers Associates Degree Program in Health Information Technology.

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 Kaplan University Online

Kaplan University Online offers following Health Care programs.

  1. Case Management Certificate program is designed for health and human services professionals, including registered nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, rehabilitation counselors, psychologists, and medical doctors. Learn to perform assessments, conduct research, analyze data, and plan and manage services and care. By earning a Kaplan University certificate, you can select employment opportunities in diverse and rewarding practice areas. Perform assessments, plan and manage patient services and care, conduct research, and analyze data utilizing the methodologies of the case management process. Case managers incorporate case management standards of practice and utilize case management and quality measurement tools in a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates all members of the health care team in the promotion of quality, cost-effective health care.
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  2. Forensic Nursing Certificate. Forensic nurses may be called to a crime scene or accident to work with detectives, collect evidence, and take tissue and blood samples. Forensic nurses treat survivors of assaults or violent accidents, and victims of negligence, abuse, or violent crimes. The job is fast-paced and exciting, with real issues at stake. Work with law enforcement to collect evidence at crime and accident scenes. Care for survivors of assaults or violent accidents, and victims of negligence, abuse, or violent crimes. Forensic nurses may identify injuries and/or death and their causes, preserve and document the chain of custody, and refer victims for appropriate follow-up care. This program is designed for registered nurses interested in joining the dynamic field of forensics.
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  3. Geriatric Care Management Certificate. Learn to assess, coordinate, and monitor the health and human services needs of your elderly clients and their families. Understand the impact of the aging process on the individual, the family, the community, and the health care delivery system. Graduates may work as geriatric care managers in a diversity of practice settings, including independent practice, insurance companies, government agencies, law firms, home health agencies, assisted-care facilities, long-term care facilities, and social service agencies. Geriatric care managers assess, coordinate, and monitor the health and human services needs of their elderly clients. A comprehensive approach incorporates the identification and analysis of factors that influence the well-being and quality of life of the elderly client including health, psychosocial, family, and economic issues. Health and human services professionals including registered nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, rehabilitation counselors, case managers, psychologists, and medical doctors should take this program.
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  4. Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate. Your nursing education and clinical experience combined with the legal knowledge and research ability gained through the Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate will provide an abundance of career opportunities. Legal nurse consultants work with attorneys and other legal and health care professionals, contributing invaluable expertise to a myriad of issues including malpractice lawsuits, medical insurance claims, and workers' compensation cases. Combine nursing expertise with legal knowledge to assist attorneys and their clients in understanding the health care issues related to medical malpractice and personal injury lawsuits. Legal nurse consultants perform legal and medical research, identify standards of care, review medical records, interview witnesses, and assist attorneys in all aspects of litigation. This program is for registered nurses interested in the law, legal procedure, and working with legal professionals in a variety of legal and health care environments.
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  5. Life Care Planning Certificate. As a qualified rehabilitation professional or registered nurse, you can anticipate a satisfying and lucrative career in facilitating the care and treatment of individuals with catastrophic injuries or chronic health problems. Designed by life care planning experts, the online Life Care Planning Certificate program provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue career opportunities with attorneys, insurance companies, and managed care organizations, or in independent practice. Students learn how to develop life care plans and gain expert knowledge of the medical, psychosocial, and economic aspects of disabilities and chronic health care conditions. Life care planners analyze, research, evaluate, and work with other professionals to develop life care plans that assess patients' future medical, psychosocial, and economic needs. This program is designed for registered nurses and qualified rehabilitation professionals, specifically: occupational therapists, physical therapists, rehabilitation counselors, case managers, social workers, psychologists, medical doctors, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, special education professionals, licensed speech pathologists, and professional counselors.
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  6. Health Care Management Certificate program prepares you for the ever-changing landscape of the health care industry. You will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with evolving integrated health care delivery systems, restructuring of work, technological innovations, and an increased focus on preventive care. While working to improve efficiency in health care facilities and the quality of health care provided, administrators face the challenge of managing within a legal and ethical framework. This program serves current health care professionals who want to transition into a management career but aren't ready to commit to a bachelor's program. Students who wish to enroll in this program must have at least an associate's degree or two years of verifiable work experience in the area of health care management.
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  7. BS in Management/Health Care Management. The Advanced Start Bachelor of Science in Management with a Health Care Emphasis can help prepare you with the knowledge and skills you need to increase your income potential and marketability in today's job market. Our innovative curriculum encourages critical thinking, enhances communication techniques, and addresses the technical competencies required by employers today. This degree program focuses on better, more efficient management practices that are so in demand in today's ever evolving health care industry. This program is for students who are ready to earn their bachelor's degree to advance a career in health care management. Students often have prior work experience or course credits that can be transferred toward their degree.
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  8. BSM/Health Care Management
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 Keiser College eCampus Online

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Health Services Administration. The BA degree with a major in Health Services Administration focuses on skills students need in today's health care industry. In addition to providing a basic understanding of Health Services, the program looks at the unique skills needed by a Health Service Administrator through case studies, projects and related computer software applications. Topics include Coding and Billing, Public and Private Heath Care, and Financial and Legal Issues in Health Care. This program provides students with the education necessary to succeed in the Health Services environment and enhances employment and promotion potential.

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 Keller Graduate School of Management

Graduate certificate in Health Services Management.

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 National American University Online

The B.S. in Health Care Management degree completion program is designed to provide working professionals with the necessary skills to become effective managers and leaders within the health care industry. The admission requirements for this program include a balance of previous education and work experience to assure the student's success in this area of study. Graduates can expect to find career opportunities in management positions within the diverse health care field or within their own area of clinical/professional expertise.

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 Penn Foster Career School

Study Health Care Services programs - at home, at your own pace. Penn Foster Career School offers following Health Care Services:

  1. Anatomy and Physiology. Learn the structure and function of the human body including cells, tissues, organs and the complete body system: cardiovascular, lymphatic, immune, respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive and more.
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  2. Child Psychology. This program will help you gain insight into how adult behavior affects children. The objective is to make caregivers more attentive, attuned, and effective. Gain a clearer understanding of Child Psychology as well as techniques for managing social and emotional problems.
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  3. Medical Office Assistant. As a Medical Office Assistant, you'll need to know how to manage the medical office, schedule appointments and update patient records. The Education Direct Medical Office Assistant Program can help you learn these skills and many more. Train quickly and conveniently! You'll get hands-on training in: Law, Ethics, and Medicine; Administrative Procedures and Practices; Advanced Medical Terminology and Pharmacology; Keyboarding and Word Processing
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  4. Medical Terminology Certificate. Learn the universal medical terminology used by health care practitioners. Students will be taught uniform pronunciation, definition, and spelling of terms as well as the how to analyze and interpret medical reports.
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  5. Medical Coding and Billing Career Diploma. Learn billing and medical codes, creating paper records, generating billing statements, researching and auditing claims, body system terminology, advanced pharmacology, and more. Train to work with HMOs and other forms of insurance organizations, and much more!
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  6. Medical Coding and Billing Certificate. Save time and money if you are already working in the health care field or are seeking to enhance your current skills. Learn billing, medical codes, creating paper records, generating billing statements, researching and auditing claims, and more.
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  7. Medical Transcriptionist Career Diploma. Train at home for an in-demand career in healthcare. Work for hospitals or doctors' offices, full- or part-time. Learn know how to produce medical reports and documents, discharge summaries, operative reports; progress notes and more. The program also covers law and ethics in medicine and the confidentiality of heath records.
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  8. Medical Transcriptionist Certificate. Save time and money if you are already working in health care and are seeking to enhance your skills. Learn medical terminology and know how to produce medical reports and documents, discharge summaries, operative reports; progress notes and more.
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  9. Dental Assistant. As a Dental Assistant, you'll need to know how to manage the medical office, schedule appointments and update patient records. The Education Direct Dental Assistant Program can help you learn these skills and many more. Train quickly and conveniently! You'll get hands-on training in: Dental terminology and anatomy, preventive dentistry and nutrition. Disease transmission, pathology, and dental emergencies. Radiology and pharmacology. Business Administration for the Dental Assistant. You'll get valuable information about finding a job. It's like having your own personal Dental Assistant School.
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  10. Veterinary Assistant. Work with animals! The Education Direct Veterinary Assistant Program can help you make a difference - your abilities can keep animals healthy, nurse them when ill - even save their lives! Train quickly and conveniently. Learn how to: Obtain animal health histories and records. Provide specialized nursing care.Assist in surgical procedures.Wash, feed, and care for animals, and much more.
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  11. Fitness and Nutrition. The Education Direct Fitness and Nutrition program can help you achieve your dreams - new career, better salary, and the satisfaction that comes with helping your clients look and feel better. Train quickly and conveniently through distance learning.Cover these topics and more: Managing personal health, fitness and injury prevention. Sports nutrition. Promoting lifestyle changes. Stress management and reduction.
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  12. Occupational Therapy Aide. Start a satisfying career as an Occupational Therapy Aide. With Education Direct, the world's leader in distance learning, you can learn the Occupational Therapy skills you need quickly and conveniently. You'll learn all about: Medical terminology, including anatomical positioning and therapeutic terms, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) therapy, Adaptive equipment, Workplace health and safety. Start a challenging, rewarding, moneymaking career in a growing field.

    We'll send you free information - with absolutely no obligation! Find out More about our Occupational Therapy Aide distance learning program that includes: * All the books, lessons, equipment, and learning aids you need. * Valuable clinical work experience option. * Toll-free instructional support. * Access to student services by website, phone, and mail. Get more information today, and in as little as six months from enrollment - you can be an Occupational Therapy Aide!
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  13. Physical Therapy Aide. The Education Direct Physical Therapy Aide Program can help you make a difference - your abilities can help patients recover from their injuries and return to their active lives! Train quickly and conveniently. Cover these topics and more: The role of the Physical Therapy Aide in patient recovery. Common physical disorders. Physical therapy treatments. Exercise and mobility training.
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