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Health Care Certificate Program

 Anthem College Online

Medical Billing & Coding - Health Care workers are in strong demand, so now's the perfect time to get into Medical Billing & Coding. Find out how our program can train you for a job in this rapidly growing medical field.

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 Minnesota School of Business / Globe University

Minnesota School of Business & Globe College offers following Health Care Diploma programs.

  1. The Health and Exercise Science programs prepare graduates for employment in a industry that encompasses: Recreation, Rehabilitation, Movement development, Athletics, Exercise and fitness, Sales and marketing of industry related products and services. As physical fitness specialists, graduates will be trained to administer diagnostic fitness assessments. They will learn the necessary skills to design, implement, and supervise wellness and exercise programs at health clubs, government agencies, corporations, health care facilities and other sites.
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  2. Massage Therapy is one of the fastest growing areas of today's health and wellness fields. Graduates will qualify to join the American Massage Therapy Association (ATMA) and are qualified to sit for the National Board Certification Test for Massage and Body Work.
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  3. Medical Administrative Assistant graduates concentrate on: Computerized patient scheduling, Health insurance claims and billing. Our program provides comprehensive administrative instruction with related medical course work. An in depth understanding of medical terminology and office procedures are gained in addition to skills in medical record keeping and medical transcription. Career opportunities await you in doctors' offices, hospitals, medical clinics, and insurance companies.
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  4. Medical Assistant is a multi-skilled allied health care professional trained to perform clinical and administrative tasks in an outpatient setting under the supervision of a licensed health care provider. Medical assistants help physicians examine and treat patients and perform other medical procedures to meet patient needs and to keep the office running smoothly.
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 Kaplan University Online

Kaplan University Online offers following Nursing and Health Care programs.

  1. Forensic Nursing Certificate. Forensic nurses may be called to a crime scene or accident to work with detectives, collect evidence, and take tissue and blood samples. Forensic nurses treat survivors of assaults or violent accidents, and victims of negligence, abuse, or violent crimes. The job is fast-paced and exciting, with real issues at stake. Work with law enforcement to collect evidence at crime and accident scenes. Care for survivors of assaults or violent accidents, and victims of negligence, abuse, or violent crimes. Forensic nurses may identify injuries and/or death and their causes, preserve and document the chain of custody, and refer victims for appropriate follow-up care. This program is designed for registered nurses interested in joining the dynamic field of forensics.
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  2. Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate. Your nursing education and clinical experience combined with the legal knowledge and research ability gained through the Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate will provide an abundance of career opportunities. Legal nurse consultants work with attorneys and other legal and health care professionals, contributing invaluable expertise to a myriad of issues including malpractice lawsuits, medical insurance claims, and workers' compensation cases. Combine nursing expertise with legal knowledge to assist attorneys and their clients in understanding the health care issues related to medical malpractice and personal injury lawsuits. Legal nurse consultants perform legal and medical research, identify standards of care, review medical records, interview witnesses, and assist attorneys in all aspects of litigation. This program is for registered nurses interested in the law, legal procedure, and working with legal professionals in a variety of legal and health care environments.
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  3. Case Management Certificate program is designed for health and human services professionals, including registered nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, rehabilitation counselors, psychologists, and medical doctors. Learn to perform assessments, conduct research, analyze data, and plan and manage services and care. By earning a Kaplan University certificate, you can select employment opportunities in diverse and rewarding practice areas. Perform assessments, plan and manage patient services and care, conduct research, and analyze data utilizing the methodologies of the case management process. Case managers incorporate case management standards of practice and utilize case management and quality measurement tools in a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates all members of the health care team in the promotion of quality, cost-effective health care.
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  4. Health Care Management Certificate program prepares you for the ever-changing landscape of the health care industry. You will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with evolving integrated health care delivery systems, restructuring of work, technological innovations, and an increased focus on preventive care. While working to improve efficiency in health care facilities and the quality of health care provided, administrators face the challenge of managing within a legal and ethical framework. This program serves current health care professionals who want to transition into a management career but aren't ready to commit to a bachelor's program. Students who wish to enroll in this program must have at least an associate's degree or two years of verifiable work experience in the area of health care management.
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  5. Geriatric Care Management Certificate. Learn to assess, coordinate, and monitor the health and human services needs of your elderly clients and their families. Understand the impact of the aging process on the individual, the family, the community, and the health care delivery system. Graduates may work as geriatric care managers in a diversity of practice settings, including independent practice, insurance companies, government agencies, law firms, home health agencies, assisted-care facilities, long-term care facilities, and social service agencies. Geriatric care managers assess, coordinate, and monitor the health and human services needs of their elderly clients. A comprehensive approach incorporates the identification and analysis of factors that influence the well-being and quality of life of the elderly client including health, psychosocial, family, and economic issues. Health and human services professionals including registered nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, rehabilitation counselors, case managers, psychologists, and medical doctors should take this program.
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  6. Life Care Planning Certificate. As a qualified rehabilitation professional or registered nurse, you can anticipate a satisfying and lucrative career in facilitating the care and treatment of individuals with catastrophic injuries or chronic health problems. Designed by life care planning experts, the online Life Care Planning Certificate program provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue career opportunities with attorneys, insurance companies, and managed care organizations, or in independent practice. Students learn how to develop life care plans and gain expert knowledge of the medical, psychosocial, and economic aspects of disabilities and chronic health care conditions. Life care planners analyze, research, evaluate, and work with other professionals to develop life care plans that assess patients' future medical, psychosocial, and economic needs. This program is designed for registered nurses and qualified rehabilitation professionals, specifically: occupational therapists, physical therapists, rehabilitation counselors, case managers, social workers, psychologists, medical doctors, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, special education professionals, licensed speech pathologists, and professional counselors.
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 Penn Foster Career School

Penn Foster Career School offers following Health Care Services Certification Program:

  1. Dental Assistant. As a Dental Assistant, you値l need to know how to manage the medical office, schedule appointments and update patient records. The Education Direct Dental Assistant Program can help you learn these skills and many more. Train quickly and conveniently! You値l get hands-on training in: Dental terminology and anatomy, preventive dentistry and nutrition. Disease transmission, pathology, and dental emergencies. Radiology and pharmacology. Business Administration for the Dental Assistant. You値l get valuable information about finding a job. It痴 like having your own personal Dental Assistant School.
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  2. Medical Coding and Billing. As a Medical Coding and Billing Professional, you値l need to know how to manage records and file claims, prepare insurance forms, and handle billing. The Education Direct Medical Coding and Billing program can help you develop these skills and many more. Train quickly and conveniently! You値l get hands-on training in: Law, Ethics, and Medicine; Terminology and Reimbursement Methodologies; Anatomy and Physiology; Medical Information and Office Practice.
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  3. Medical Office Assistant. As a Medical Office Assistant, you値l need to know how to manage the medical office, schedule appointments and update patient records. The Education Direct Medical Office Assistant Program can help you learn these skills and many more. Train quickly and conveniently! You値l get hands撲n training in: Law, Ethics, and Medicine; Administrative Procedures and Practices; Advanced Medical Terminology and Pharmacology; Keyboarding and Word Processing
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  4. Medical Transcriptionist. There are certain skills you need to become a Medical Transcriptionist. The Education Direct Medical Transcriptionist Program helps you learn them quickly and conveniently! You値l get hands撲n training in: Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology, Law and Ethics in Medicine, Computer Literacy and Applications
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  5. Veterinary Technician. Earn your Associate in Specialized Technology (AST) Degree as a Veterinary Technician at home, at your own pace. There are certain skills you need to begin a career as a veterinary technician. With Education Direct distance learning, you can earn your Associate in Specialized Technology Degree and become a Veterinary Technician quickly and conveniently.
    Learn valuable skills with these courses and more: Animal Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Mathematics, Veterinary Office Management, Animal Nutrition, Reproduction, Genetics, and Aging.
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  6. Veterinary Assistant. Work with animals! The Education Direct Veterinary Assistant Program can help you make a difference your abilities can keep animals healthy, nurse them when ill even save their lives! Train quickly and conveniently. Learn how to: Obtain animal health histories and records. Provide specialized nursing care.Assist in surgical procedures.Wash, feed, and care for animals, and much more.
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  7. Fitness and Nutrition. The Education Direct Fitness and Nutrition program can help you achieve your dreams new career, better salary, and the satisfaction that comes with helping your clients look and feel better. Train quickly and conveniently through distance learning.Cover these topics and more: Managing personal health, fitness and injury prevention. Sports nutrition. Promoting lifestyle changes. Stress management and reduction.
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  8. Physical Therapy Aide. The Education Direct Physical Therapy Aide Program can help you make a difference - your abilities can help patients recover from their injuries and return to their active lives! Train quickly and conveniently. Cover these topics and more: The role of the Physical Therapy Aide in patient recovery. Common physical disorders. Physical therapy treatments. Exercise and mobility training.
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  9. Occupational Therapy Aide. Start a satisfying career as an Occupational Therapy Aide. With Education Direct, the world痴 leader in distance learning, you can learn the Occupational Therapy skills you need quickly and conveniently. You値l learn all about: Medical terminology, including anatomical positioning and therapeutic terms, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) therapy, Adaptive equipment, Workplace health and safety. Start a challenging, rewarding, moneymaking career in a growing field.

    We値l send you free information with absolutely no obligation! Find out More about our Occupational Therapy Aide distance learning program that includes: * All the books, lessons, equipment, and learning aids you need. * Valuable clinical work experience option. * Toll-free instructional support. * Access to student services by website, phone, and mail. Get more information today, and in as little as six months from enrollment you can be an Occupational Therapy Aide!
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