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Business Communication Program

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 Jones International University Online Graduate

Jones International University Online offers following Master of Arts in Business Communication programs.

  1. Master of Arts in Business Communication in Entrepreneurship - Students who wish to strike out and establish their own small businesses in professional communication should choose this specialization. Even if you wish to begin with a small consultancy, these courses provide foundational principles in defining a business and creating a plan for future growth.
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  2. Master of Arts in Business Communication in Leadership and Influence - Effective business leaders must possess the communication skills necessary to influence and persuade others in a variety of interpersonal and organizational settings. In the Master of Arts in Business Communication in Leadership and Influence, you will learn how to apply principles of effective leadership to communication situations, whether in work teams, in front of a larger audience, in situations of conflict and crisis, or in business negotiations.
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  3. Master of Arts in Business Communication in Project Management - Project management continues to be a widely used structure for managing cross cutting teams of workers to solve problems. If you enjoy strategizing and organizing to manage risk and profits, this specializaiton can provide you with the skills and tools to become a project manager.
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  4. Master of Arts in Business Communication in Leading the Customer-Driven Organization - Excellence in companies is being measured by how accurately they meet customer needs and expectations. While most companies would claim to be customer centered, in reality their organizational structures are product centered. This set of courses explores the nature of the type of changes needed to support this new profitability indicator: the customer relationship. This specialization examines the paradigm shift in business assumptions about the customer and explores ways of creating malleable organizational structures to meet the needs of both external and internal customers. "The new foundation of profitability is the customer relationship", states expert Jay R. Galbraith.
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 Jones International University Online

Jones International University Online offers following Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication program.

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication in Communication Management. Managing the communication within organizations requires specific ability in establishing virtual collaboration teams, managing conflict, negotiating effectively and organizing and delivering corporate training. Management positions are increasingly dependent on communication and organizational skills included in this specialization.
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  2. Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication in Sales, Service and Marketing - Sales and Marketing are separate business functions but each contribute equally to the success of a business. Traditionally, these subject areas are studied separately, but this approach ignores the interdependency of the two areas. Each area complements the other and working together, these departments can achieve higher levels of success.
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